Where else can you find whitewashed houses sprinkled like sugarcubes above golden beaches and blue seas…

Greece also enjoys hot sunshine well into late September and early October, when you can have a lovely beach all to yourself.  We’ve only visited Greece during the ‘shoulder’ season, well after the sunbaked crowds of August have gone. Here’s my travel blog from those trips.

First though here’s my 2-minute vocabulary lesson in Greek:

PLEASE ‘parakalo’
THANK YOU ‘efkareesto’
GOOD MORNING ‘kalimera’
BEER ‘beera’ (which is easy as pi!)

There are some tricky things to keep in mind if you’re heading towards Greece anytime soon. First, the alphabet features letters that most people will not have seen since geometry class in school. It’s hard to decipher signs sometimes because the Latin letters don’t always match the Greek pronunciation (for example, their letter P makes our sound for R, our B is their V and H is a vowel).

If you’re familiar at all with the American university system it will help you in deciphering all those deltas, lambdas and epsilons. Luckily, a vast number of road signs use Latin letters as well as the Greek symbols.

Finally, in Greek ‘nay‘ means YES and ‘okee‘ means NO. This caused me a problem once in a bakery where I kept saying ‘okay’ when the shop assistant was trying to help me pick a loaf. It took awhile for me to realise why he wasn’t bagging up the loaf I wanted! In which case a quick ‘afto’ (THIS ONE) came in handy.

You can read more about my travels on Redbeardtravels.com and see more of my photographs on Redbeardphotos.com.


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